This Training Boot Camp is good for pet owners who have very busy schedules, very shy dogs, and or very fearful dogs.

Over the stay of Two weeks,
At The Dogs Behavioral Healing Ranch your Pet will be given a customized training program that fits your Pets & your needs. While your pet is with us The Ranch trainer works with your dog on Lead your pet to overcome any behavioral problems. This method is by Leading your pet with a calm positive direction by taking baby steps . This method will give your pet a very clear view of how to not only connect to his Leader in a respectful way but to learn how to Live as a member of the family respectfully. Adriana every other day will be sending owners a video and schedule a call with owners to explain the moment of training and by sending video to demonstrate and connect each owner to their pets training moment .

Remember we do not program your pet, it’s all about being consistent with your pet with the new structure and rules your pets have learned.
As your pet returned home to ensure continued success please try to be completely committed for the first 2 to 3 weeks at home Adriana will explained, demonstrated and teach you as she hands over your pet every step your baby will have at home and out in public with you or a member of your family . This will eventually become a way of living under your leader ship and in your home for your pet. Please never hesitate to call me or text with any question .
I will be scheduling 3 free follow up’s after your pet is back home a full week . Do not forget you as the Leader & owner must replicate & be committed by taking baby steps.

This is all through embracing your calm positive energy and being in a calm state of mind so your pet will clearly connect to you as his Leader ( Parent ) or ( The Boss )

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